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If your Eyes are the window to your soul, then it can be upsetting to look in the mirror and see that the windows are more like one in an ancient ruin. Puffy eyes with dark circles – aka Eye bags – Not only age you but can also give people the wrong impression of you. Dr Beatriz Molina tells us of a simple treatment to get you looking fab and fresh again.

Tired looking eyes suggests that to people that you are tired, struggling to cope or partying to hard – when this is most cases is far from the truth. Unfortunately puffy eye bags can be genetic, and they are also a response to the ageing process. you could swear off late nights, promise to get more sleep or apply make up to cover the dark circles – and those heavy eye bag simply won’t go away.

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Five causes of Puffy dark circles under the eyes…

Ageing – The skin around the eyes is normally thinner and looser than skin elsewhere on the body. As we age fluid collects in the area, causing puffy appearance. Veins under the skin can create a dark appearance of the skin.

Sleep position – Lying horizontally can encourage fluid to collect beneath the eyes. It also promotes dilation of the veins under the eyes, which darkens the appearance of the skin even more.

Fluid retention – Anything that can cause fluid retention such as pre-menstrual bloating can increase puffiness around the eyes.

Genetics – An inherited tendency to have ‘bags under the eyes’

Medical problems – Puffy eyes may be the first sign of fluid retention due to medical problem, such as kidney and liver disease.

The Solution for eye bags -

Eye bag removal surgery – A small incision along the lower lash line to remove some of the fat underneath. But this can cost around £4000 and can risk changing your eye shape. There is a revolutionary procedure available using non permanent dermal fillers, such as Emervel, which works on the problem areas, the depressions that run from the nose to the under eye area. The treatment will plump up the hollows, conceal the dark circles and blend into the cheekbones. The results are instant and the results can last 9 – 12 months. The treatment cost from as little as £350, and although you may need a second ‘top-up’ injection it still represents great value for money.

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