Fractora™ for skin resurfacing

What is Fractora™ ?

Fractional resurfacing with Fractora™ is one of the most advanced and skin rejuvenation treatments currently available. Fractora™ is a highly effective procedure that slows down the effects of ageing, helping to restore your skin back to a more youthful appearance by stimulating the dermis to produce collagen and elastin which results in an improvement in skin tone, texture and radiance. Fractora™ delivers solutions to the broadest range of symptoms of ageing skin, all with one treatment.

How does Fractora™ work ?

Fractora™ uses fractionated radio-frequency energy to combine ablation (precise removal of the surface cells) with micro punctures in to the deeper dermis. The result that occurs is not dissimilar to that of combining two popular skin rejuvenation treatments: Fractional or CO2 laser resurfacing (which also removes the surface skin cells) and micro-needle or dermal rolling (multiple punctures of the skin stimulate collagen and elastin production through the healing process). Fractora™ uses a matrix of micro needles of varying depth, which deliver a carefully controlled amount of radio-frequency ( RF) energy through the dermis via the Fractora™ hand piece.

It is well known by doctors and patients that when the skin is damaged especially by trauma or burns the resulting healed skin often appears fresher and tighter than the surrounding skin. Histological evaluation has shown this is because the new skin has more elastin and collagen. By fractional ablation of the skin as with Fractora™ only small columns of skin are affected and the surrounding skin is left unaffected. This allows for a controlled amount damage which means the healing time is a lot quicker with much less down time experienced by the patient.

Microscopic view showing skin healing 5 days after Fractora treatment, with collagen forming in the dermis.

What areas can be treated ?

Fractora™ can treat superficial wrinkles or deep wrinkles, looseness and sagging skin and is also excellent for scarring, including all acne scarring and even stretch marks. It works exceptionally well in improving perioral or smokers lines, which are often very hard to treat. Fractora™ is also effective in improving the evenness of skin tone, reducing red and brown marks, and treating broken veins on the face.
Fractora™ can can be used anywhere on the face but is is especially helpful around the eyes and mouth and forehead. It can even be used to tighten lax eyelids. It can be very effective used on the body especially for loose wrinkled skin of the neck , upper arms and décolletage.

Is the treatment painful?

Depending on the depth and intensity of treatment we will anaesthetize or numb the skin either with a topical anaesthetic cream, or by using local anaesthetic nerve blocks or tumescent local anesthesia for the more aggressive high-energy treatments. The options will be fully explained to you by Dr Strawford or Dr Molina prior to treatment. With the skin anaesthetized the treatment is not painful but you can experience a “pulse” of energy with each area treated.

How safe is Fractora™?

Radio-frequency energy has been used safely in medicine for over 60 years, but it is only in the last few years that the possibilities for its use in aesthetic medicine have been harnessed. We always start off with low energy pulses and increase slowly so, this, combined with the fact that this is always done by a doctor, makes it extremely safe. Complications could include minor burns and pigmentation problems but thankfully are extremely rare.
Fractora is safer than other resurfacing treatments such as CO2 laser, especially in darker skin types because it leaves areas of skin in between the probe points to heal (unlike CO2 laser which has more of a “blanket” coverage). In type IV and V (very dark skin types) Fractora™ can still safely be used utilizing ‘insulated needles’ which spare the outer dermis from the RF energy causing less risk of post inflammatory pigmentation disorders, unlike laser treatments which are contraindicated in these dark skin types.

How will I look like after Fractora™ treatment?

Following treatment it is likely that your skin will be red and a little swollen. The severity will depend on the intensity and the amount of RF energy used. With lower energy treatments the redness and swelling will subside within 48hrs but with the high-energy treatment it can take 1-2 weeks. You can expect to see micro scabs a few days after the treatment, which is normal and shows the treatment has been effective.
We will provide a ‘recovery cream’ to be used during this period to speed up the healing process.

How many Fractora™ treatments are needed?

Depending on the severity of the condition usually between 1and 4 treatments are required with an interval of 3 and 6 weeks between treatments to allow healing. When higher RF energy is used then fewer treatments are required but the healing stage and down time is longer. The benefits of treatment start to show after a number of weeks but will continue for up to 6 months following treatment as the new collagen and elastin is formed. Once achieved the results will be long lasting over a number of years, although courses of treatments can be repeated as and when needed to keep up with the ageing process.

Can Fractora™ be combined with other treatments?

Fractora™ can be combined with other treatments such as Botulinum toxin, derma fillers, Sculptra™ and PRP treatments.
We advise combining Fractora™ resurfacing with Forma™ RF skin tightening for a treatment series called FRACTOTAL FACIAL™ . This is an ultra skin rejuvenation treatment that can very effectively address all concerns including skin laxity especially of the lower face and neck, with uneven skin texture, lines and wrinkles and pigmentation often seen with ageing and photo or UV damage of the skin.

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