Facial Chemical Peels

There are different levels of chemical peels from light to strong.All our strong peels are carried out by Dr Beatriz Molina.Chemical peeling involves the application of a chemical solution to the surface of the skin to produce the careful removal of its outer layers.

The amount of skin removed will depend on the type of chemical used, the strength of the product (superficial, medium depth and deep) and how long it is left on the skin.

They can be used on the face, the neck, the chest, the body and the hands, to improve rough skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, blemishes, scars or acne and actinic keratosis (precancerous skin growth).

They can be used to freshen up the skin and can help to treat acne, oily skin, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, photodamage and ageing skin.

Some formulations within the range are also suitable for treating stretch marks and melasma.

Most, but not all, are suitable for all skin types/colours.

High sun protection factor of SPF50 is recommended during these treatments.


  • Cleansing the face gently with a soap-free cleanser, pat the skin dry with a towel, and moisturise twice a day;
  • Not picking off any dead or peeling skin as this may cause bleeding and discoloration, or even mild scarring;
  • Not exposing yourself to the sun without a sunscreen for at least 6 weeks after treatment to reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation (brown blotches on the face) A high factor sunblock should be used daily to protect the skin;
  • Contact us immediately if you notice any signs of infection or pigment changes.


  • Use of mild painkillers, such as paracetamol, if required;
  • Gently splashing your face with warm water and patting dry with a towel. Mineral oil may also be recommended to help to cleanse the skin gently;
  • If itching is severe during the healing phase, antihistamines may be recommended to help stop this symptom.
  • Sleeping on your back with your head propped up by a few pillows to help reduce swelling in the face;
  • Follow up a couple of days after treatment to check that he is happy with your recovery;
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for a couple of weeks to allow healing to happen without sudden jarring to the face;
  • Avoid scratching or picking at the skin to reduce the chances of scarring;
  • Start using a sunscreen after the skin has healed, and avoiding any direct sun exposure for around 6 weeks
  • Contact us immediately if you notice any signs of infection, scarring or pigment changes
  • Additionally, when you leave a clinic after a chemical peel treatment you are likely to suffer from varying degrees of redness depending on the depth of the peel, which may not be the most attractive face that you wish to present to the public as you walk down the street. There is however a solution.
  • Lycogel® are the first truly breathable, completely safe camouflage and concealer products that oxygenate skin at the cellular level, and are suitable for immediate use after cosmetic procedures such as chemical peels. It is the only foundation that has the ability to promote the healing of damaged or postprocedural skin and can be used on the skin immediately following treatment, allowing you to face the world without a red face.

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