Dr Beatriz Molina specialises in non surgical face lifts using Botulinum Toxin and dermal fillers treatments.

We can help you to look the way you feel. Natural enhancement using the best dermal fillers in the market.

Safe and pretty painless.

Case 1:

First photo show Beatriz at 34 years old before any cosmetic treatments, the one after show Beatriz age 43 after some botulin toxin on upper face and fillers on check and cheeks bone, nose to mouth and nose.

Case 2:

42 year old female patient before and 3 weeks after treatment with Restylane Range in mid face and R corner of the mouth to create a natural facial enhancement.

Case 3:

60 years old patient before and 3 weeks after a combination treatment with dermal fillers and botulin toxin.

Patient loved her looks and said she felt 10 years younger. Natural refresh look achieved in less than 3 weeks!




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